03.25.2011: PocketFullOfApps - "The best case for the iPhone 4"

Review, Preview, and GIVEAWAY: iFuzen HP-1 Awarded 4-out-of-5 Stars

"...go and pack up your i.Fuzen HP-1 as soon as you can, it won't let you down at all. The backup battery is really helpful if you’re traveling long distances, the hard shell case is great plus very protective, and the dual audio jacks are amazing. While I'd love to give the i.Fuzen HP-1 case a nice 5/5 stars, I simply can't because of the price – so the i.Fuzen HP-1 comes in at 4/5 stars. The bottom line: the i.Fuzen HP-1 is the best case for the iPhone 4, it won't ever let you down, and is simply great. " 

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03.25.2011: iPhone World - "Everything feels much richer..."

Auzentech i.Fuzen HP-1: iPhone Accessory Review

"[The iFuzen HP-1] features a J-FET OP-AMP to provide Vacuum Tube like sound output with 180mW output power. To enjoy that power all you have to do is press a button on the side of the case. You also get a touch-panel on the front to control volume, which is quite nice.

The amp provides higher volume, as well as a broader [dynamic] range for music. Everything feels much richer: be it classical instruments, Drum and Bass or Vocals. The end result is a much richer experience than what you would get with the stock iPhone...."

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03.21.2011: iPhoneSpies - YouTube Unboxing Video

iFuzen HP-1 iPhone 4 Unboxing Video by iPhone Spies

"Check out the new iFuzen for the iPhone 4. More than doubles your iPhone 4's battery life and also allows amplified earphone splitting so two can listen at once!"

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03.15.2011: Gadgetsteria - "Pretty Awesome"

Review: i.Fuzen Case, External Battery Pack, And Headphone Amp For iPhone 4

"...what if you want the ultimate in portability while not sacrificing too much sound quality or battery life? Products such as the i.Fuzen made by Auzentech are right up your alley. Featuring a 3-in-1 design, this little case/extended battery/headphone amp is pretty awesome." 

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